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Our Stories

Mark graduated from DeQueen High School in 2000 and earned his BS in Computer Science from Texas A&M University-Texarkana, before eventually earning his graduate degree in Curriculum and Instruction (with a concentration in Instructional Technology) from A&M-Texarkana as well.
Mark Ahrens
Graduate degree in Curriculum and Instruction (with a concentration in Instructional Technology)
“I really enjoyed being in a program where I was with others who were not traditional college-aged students, being around other students who were also working and completing their education like me was a unique and positive experience. Not only do you learn from your classes, you learn from the life experiences of your classmates.”
Amber Adams
Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS)
Born in 1941, Bobbie graduated high school in 1958. As a co-salutatorian of her graduating class, she earned a scholarship to Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, Texas. Despite the scholarship, Bobbie was unable to afford the extra expenses associated with going off to college. So, she passed on the opportunity and went to work. “I always loved school,” she said. “I always wished I had gone on to college.”
Bobbie Player
2019 A&M-Texarkana - Bachelors in Sociology and current Graduate Student
"I love the community atmosphere. It's small enough that you get to know your professors on a personal level. They have a genuine interest and care about you being successful."
Brandon Pettey
BA-English, Secondary Teaching Certification
“A&M Texarkana was great for us,” Cody said. “The resources are phenomenal, and the class sizes are small. It also helps that you have so much access to your professors.” “The connection to the A&M System was important to us,” added Emily. “We knew it was academically strong, and enjoyed the close knit community feel of campus.”
Cody and Emily (Peck) Craddock
Emily - Nursing 2019 / Cody - Nursing 2020
L-E-A-D (L)earn (E)xpect the Best (A)ccept the Challenge (D)o the Work
Dr. Brandon Thurston
Ed.D. 2018
Dr. Eaton continues to teach at the K-12 level and will pursue teaching in higher education to create awareness about the teacher/paraprofessional partnership in public education because it can greatly increase student success.
Dr. Elisabeth Parrish Eaton
Spring 2020 Graduate - Doctorate in Educational Leadership
"Our grant expires this year, but we hope to raise enough funds to continue this program" -Brooke Ferguson
Four TAMUT Alumni on East Texas Teachers Association Board
"I was able to benefit from online courses. Even though I was an online student I was still able to talk with my professors. I never felt like I was removed from campus even though I was attending online.”
Genia Bullock
Education Leadership
Fernanda Hernandez, a 2015 graduate of A&M-Texarkana, was named the 2019 Young Alumni award winner.
Fernanda Hernandez
Bachelor of Arts degree in English
“Because the class sizes were small, I received more of a one-on-one experience. You’re not just a number here."
Jaci Roberts Berry
CBET - Masters of Business Administration
“A&M-Texarkana has had a profound impact on my life. I received a world-class education at an affordable price, had a world of opportunities to grow socially, personally, and professionally, and I met the love of my life there.”
Johnny Nommacher
2018 Graduate of Texas A&M University - Texarkana
"The professors were wonderful and always willing to work with you if you needed help. Through my classes I was exposed to a lot of technology that prepared me well for what I’m doing now. There are also a lot of built-in programs to help you succeed, like the Success Center and the TRIO program.”
Lamonte Scott
Engineering Graduate forges ahead in high-tech career.
TAMUT is a learning place that allows inquiry and ways of finding solutions in learning. Vision, intent and welcoming- this is home.
LaMoya Burks
Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction, Master Degree in Library and Information Science with Graduate Academic Certificates in Advanced Management in Library and Information Agencies and Digital Content Management
"Students coming in from TAMUT seem very in touch with what is needed in education today. Their education prepares them very well and they know what to expect." - Lindsay Skinner
Lindsay (Roberts) Skinner
2005, 2007, 2010
My degree has allowed me to do what I really enjoy. I would not have been able to advance my career without it.
Lori (Sedgass) Owens
BBA, 1995
Taking classes like sociology and psychology played a big role in my career success with the prison system.
Mark Reed
BAAS, 1994
"I really enjoyed the personal relationships with the professors. I can't imagine you could get that anywhere else."
Matt Coleman
BA-English 2000, MA-English 2005
Having served in public education for twenty-three years, she hopes to continue that service and one day teach at the university level.
Melissa McIntosh
May 2020 Graduate - Doctorate in Education Leadership
The bigger picture knowledge that TAMUT graduates have is extremely beneficial in the Nursing field.
Micah Johnson
MSN, 2016
“I talked to some coworkers about the biology program at A&M-Texarkana, they just raved about the campus and the program, and they were right, I felt so welcome from the very beginning. I like that it’s a part of a large university system. It’s a small school with a big reputation.”
Sara Branch
TAMUT Biology Student
“The teachers at A&M-Texarkana are amazing. They did a great job of teaching us critical thinking skills and learning how to adapt to different nursing roles.”
Sarah Hughes
I love TAMUT for the closeness of the students with each other and the great bonds formed with professors and staff on campus.
Sarah Wilbanks
Pursuing BBA
"There is no way I could have gotten to where I am without the education I received at A&M-Texarkana" - Scott Norton
Scott Norton
MSBA, 2002
“My political science classes at A&M-Texarkana provided an academic background that prepared me for the challenges of law school. Having classes and teachers that allowed for extensive direct professor-student interaction gave me a great foundation for the types of classes I encountered at law school.”
Hannah Dyal
Bachelor of Science in Political Science
“TAMUT was very welcoming. There are so many events. It really gives you a chance to connect with all types of people.”
Summer Freeman
Spring 2020 Graduate - TAMUT
"You can't be what you can't see."
Esther Pippins
Adviser, BAAS Program
Parker currently holds 1 IPL World Record, 2 National Records and 10 State Records in power lifting.
Parker Musselwhite
Pursuing BSN
"The education I received at A&M-Texarkana really rounded out and completed my resume and set me up for future success." - Travis Ransom
Travis Ransom
BAAS, 2012
I think the best part of my education was the teachers. Smaller class sizes mean that faculty members can make a personal investment in each student.
Tyler and Taylar Marler
Taylar: EE, 2017, Tyler: EE, 2018
“I was really able to have an impact on campus. I’m proud of that. I’m also proud to have been the captain of the first Eagles soccer team, and to have been an assistant coach when the team went to the playoffs for the first time.”
Zak McCarthy
2019 A&M-Texarkana Graduate
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