Texas A&M University - Texarkana ROBERT S. OWEN, Ph.D., CET

Associate Professor of Marketing
321F University Center
(903) 223-3010

Fall 2017
MKT 363W Marketing (001 & 002 sections) online
MKT 467 Consumer Behavior 6:00-8:45 W
MKT 436 Marketing Research 1:00-2:15 TR
  Office Hours 9:15-12:00 TR

Course Projects:
For local research projects, start with the Texarkana MSA research portal at TexarkanaMSA.org.  For non-local projects and businesses, see the marketing research portal at SyKronix.com

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  • MKT 363 Marketing (Principles)
  • MKT 365 Salesmanship (no longer in catalog)
  • MKT 436 Marketing Research
  • MKT 465 Sales Management
  • MKT 467 Consumer Behavior
  • MKT 505 Services Marketing (grad)
  • MKT 521 Marketing Management (grad)

My primary research background is in the area of engineering psychology; my work in the area of "information overload" is cited in consumer psychology textbooks.  I have also done work in the areas of post-sale product service, macromarketing strategy, and computer aided instruction.  More details can be found on my full vita and rolling 5-year AACSB vita.  Links to many published articles can be found on my Google Scholar citations page.

Recent Publications:

Academic Journals

Book Chapters

  • Owen, Robert S. (2014), "Marketing Vulnerabilities in an Age of Online Commerce."  Chapter in Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Third Edition.  Updated version of chapter previously published in the second edition.

  • Owen, Robert S., & Bosede Aworuwa (2014), "Contemporary Use of Classic Programmed Instruction Design and Theory."  Chapter in Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Third Edition.  Updated version of chapter previously titled,"Contemporary Instructional Design" in the second edition.


  • Lord, Kenneth, Robert Owen, & Nethaniel Lord (2014), "Changes in Response-Time-Measurement Technology: Unlocking the Nonlinearity of Consumer Response." Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies ERCM 2014, 253-259. Cass Business School at City University of London UK.

Academic Conference Presentations

  • "The Maker Movement Applied to Yet Another Diffusion Model (ELDC)." With James Nguyen. Paper presented at the Academy of Business Research Spring 2015 Conference, New Orleans, 25-27 MAR 2015.

  • "Revisiting the Dimensions of Consumer Mental Workload through PLS-SEM Modeling." Paper presented at the Academy of Business Research Fall 2013 Conference, San Antonio, 18-20 SEP 2013.

  • "Student Cheating, Psychopathy, and University Social Responsibility." Paper presented at the Academy of Business Research Spring 2013 Conference, New Orleans, 13-15 MAR 2013.

  • "Salespeople as Corporate Psychopaths." Paper presented at the Academy of Business Research Spring 2012 International Conference, New Orleans, 14-16 MAR 2012.
  • "A Model for the Diffusion of Persuasive Technology." Paper presented at the Sixth International Conference on Persuasive Technology, The Ohio State University, 2-5 JUN 2011.

Trade Journal, Magazine, and Newspaper Articles

  • Owen, Robert S. (2016), "A New Year Resolution for our City," Texarkana Gazette, 25 DEC.

  • Owen, Robert S. (2016), "Near This Place, 173 Years Ago, Something Happened," Texarkana Gazette, 26 JUN.

  • Owen, Robert S. (2015), "Why Academic Research Can't be Trusted," Texarkana Gazette, 12 DEC.

  • Owen, Robert S. (2015), "Research Hype Raises Red Flags," Texarkana Gazette, 14 JUN.

  • Owen, Robert S. (2014), "What 2014 Taught Us About Marketing Management," Texarkana Gazette, 28 DEC.

  • Owen, Robert S. (2014), "Protecting America in the Emerging Global Industrial Wars," Texarkana Gazette, 27 JUL.

  • Owen, Robert S. (2013), "Six Hours to Cut Down a Tree, the First Four to Sharpen the Axe," Texarkana Gazette, 29 DEC.

  • Owen, Robert S. (2013), "What do Bedrooms, Boardrooms, and Veterans Have in Common," Texarkana Gazette, 14 JUL.

  • Owen, Robert S. (2012), "Decline of the American Middle Class," Texarkana Gazette, 27 AUG.

  • Owen, Robert S. (2012), "The Easter Bunny, Chicks, and Snakes Dressed as Sheep," Texarkana Gazette, 25 MAR.

  • Owen, Robert S. (2011), "The Monster Behind the Marketer's Mask," Texarkana Gazette, 9 OCT 2011.  [reprint]

  • Owen, Robert S. (2011), "The Global Diploma Competition," Texarkana Gazette, 27 FEB 2011. 



Dr. Robert S. Owen
Associate Professor of Marketing
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Texas A&M University-Texarkana
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