Client Research Proposal
  • written report due in class 5 DEC
  • 180 points total
  • You may additionally make a presentation to the professor in class that day to explain your report, but we will not be making a presentation to a client.  You may also do a dress rehearsal presentation in class the week before, 30 NOV.


On the assumption that you are a marketing research student intern, prepare for your university employer a formal research proposal for our class client associated with exploring what kinds of artwork people in the Texarkana area would prefer when buying a new customized motorcycle from a local motorcycle dealer. Your deliverable in your research proposal consists of a written report and, optionally, an oral presentation. Recall the several calls for proposals that we had used in regard to this project throughout this course.  Your proposal must address the general research objectives that we have had throughout these assignments associated with this ongoing project.  More specifically, you must write a formal research proposal letter in answer to the request for quotes (RFQ) that is at the end of this assignment document.

Your submission must address the following constraints and requirements:

  • Your research proposal MUST be in the form of a letter that answers the RFQ and that follows the in-house "company" templates that we have been using throughout the semester.
  • Your proposal must be limited to one research study.
  • Your proposal must be sufficient in its ability to answer the objectives stated in the RFQ.
  • Your proposal must include a timeline section listing project milestones and a firm final delivery date (in days or weeks, not necessarily a calendar date). (Note that I do not need or want a Gantt table or chart this time; your proposed timeline should make sense by itself.)
  • Your proposal must include a price and deliverables section, including a firm and singular price quote, a clear, specific identification of what is to be delivered for that price, and what additional costs are excluded from that price quote (to be invoiced at cost).
  • Your employee title for the purpose of signing your proposal letter is Project Manager.

In addition to the proposal letter that would go to a client, you must additionally submit supporting documents that would go to your supervisor:

  • Budget sheets that clearly justify your price quote. Your price quote must include a 20% profit above costs.
  • All recruiting screeners, measurement or survey instruments, data collection forms, etc. that would be required to take your proposal to completion.

The following internal company costs and time estimates are to be used in calculating the project budget. All research work (recruiting, document writing, research, analysis, presentation) is to be done by student interns. A professor internship supervisor is not included in the conduct of any work (except in an advisory capacity) and is not internally billable. Your sampling plan is to based on the ones that we have used this semester and is to be appropriate to the specific research method that you are proposing. If anything that you need is not included in this list or is not clear, call your professor.

  • $500 per day for IDI/focus group facility rental (a room on our campus to include the cost of a security person and parking)
  • $25 per hour for other room rental (e.g., final presentation to client)
  • $15 per qualified respondent for recruiting fees
  • student intern hourly cost to be assigned to each individual class member based on Quiz 1 score out of 60
  • $50 per hour general administration costs (various staff support services), assume 8 hours per project
  • honoraria of $15 if a phone, mail, or email survey, $50 if face-to-face IDI or focus group interview
  • 3 hours time to draft a screener around a sampling plan that you have already included in your proposal
  • 6 hours time to draft a topic guide, IDI interview, TDI interview, or other survey
  • 24 hours time to analyze data and write finished report
  • 3 hours total time to set up room, make face-to-face presentation to client on campus

Your proposal should provide enough details that anyone who is unfamiliar with this project would be able to understand the research objective and the proposed research methodology, analysis, deliverables, and costs.  A budget that is unrealistic, doesn't make sense, or doesn't match your price quote will have a heavy impact on your grade.  This is an individual project; each student is to submit his/her own proposal.


R E Q U E S T   F O R   P R O P O S A L S

Harlan Davidson & Sons is seeking proposals for the conduct of research that could determine what kinds of artwork people in the Texarkana area would prefer when buying a new but locally customized motorcycle from a local motorcycle dealer. Of interest specifically is determining what kinds of powder coated motorcycle artwork would be most likely to sell at local dealers who sell factory-new motorcycles.

Proposals are to be addressed to the attention of Mr. Harlan A. Davidson and are due at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, 5 DEC 2017. You may call 903-223-3010 if you have any questions. Late proposals cannot and will not be considered.