Real Estate Advertising Study

The Housing Locator Monthly is a publication that lists regional non-commercial properties that are for sale.  The publisher and members of the regional association of realtors are in the process of conducting a study that would help them to better understand a variety of factors that affect the perceptions of prospective buyers.  A variety of stimulus materials have been pre-tested, and the results have been used to create two advertising mock-ups.  The objective of the next step in this research is to see if these advertising mock-ups elicit different perceptions in people.

We will conduct a pre-test of the survey associated with this step on members of our class, and your professor might have some additional completed surveys to include in your analysis.  Data entry will done by the class during class time, and the data set will be posted on the course web site by the professor.  Do an analysis of this data and submit a report using the following required outline, not necessarily with any sort of headings:

  1. statement of research objectives
  2. discussion of the methodology
    • stimuli, measures
    • experimental design, session tasks
    • sample composition, sample size, external validity issues
  3. report of findings
    • discussion of results
    • table of means
    • table of medians
    • table of modes
    • figure that profiles the results (contrasts) for the two ads
  4. discussion of conclusions and limitations of this pre-test

The data set will be posted sometime after class as hlm_data.xls.  You can also download the form used to plot profiles as hlm_profiles.doc  You might have to right click on these links in order to view or download them.