Applied Arts and Sciences

Applied Arts and Sciences Program

Applied Arts and Sciences Program

The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences is a nationally recognized program designed for highly skilled adults seeking a bachelor's degree. The 120-hour degree provides an expedited path to degree completion by recognizing and credentialing personal learning acquired outside the classroom. The process through which personal learning articulates to college credit is called Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), and the learning assessed is the type people acquire in their work, military service, technical degree programs, and/or other professional development programs and opportunities.

Disclaimer: In Fall 2024, the Bachelor’s in Applied Arts and Sciences Program (BAAS) will become the B.S. in Leadership. Learn more about this exciting new academic offering.

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In addition to an expedited path to degree completion, the BAAS degree offers an opportunity to strengthen professional knowledge and skills within a chosen field of practice. Areas of study include:

  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Computer Technology
  • Criminal Justice
  • English
  • Instructional Technology (online program)
  • Liberal Arts
  • Mass Communications
  • Organizational Leadership (online program)
  • Political Science
  • Sociology

Featured Courses


AAS 1301 - Prior Learning Assessment Theory and Practice

University Foundations for Adult Learners serves as an introduction to higher education and is designed to assist BAAS students become engaged members of the A&M-Texarkana academic community. This course assists students in acquiring essential academic success skills and developing a better understanding of learning processes. Focus is placed on the benefits of higher education and the expectations and values of the university. Students will examine factors that underlie learning, success, and personal development in higher education.

AAS 301 - Careers and Work-Life Integration

This course examines evolving work-life issues with respect to contemporary organizations and the changing landscape of careers. Major topics will include new career models, career development strategies, the interrelationship of work and family, and career development over the lifespan. Students will conduct a rigorous self-assessment to clarify values, interests, skills and career goals and aspirations.

AAS 305 - The Adult Learner and Self-Development

This course will provide a formal space to introduce adult learners to the theories of adult development and learning and allow them the opportunity to explore those theories in light of their own personal and professional development. The course will also introduce students to the importance of well-developed skill-sets that include critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, leadership, personal responsibility, and self-directed development. In addition, this course will house tutorials to help returning adults acclimate to higher education, specifically its environment and expectations.