Alumni Feature - Taehlor Lafferty

Apr 22, 2024
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Alumni Feature - Taehlor Lafferty

Taehlor Lafferty graduated in 2023 with a B.S. degree with a major of Mechanical Engineering. She is currently employed with DOMTAR (Ashdown Mill) as a Reliability Engineer-Special Project/Operator Excellence. She works alongside machine operators and helps in developing condition monitoring equipment inspections throughout the entire mill, as well as managing the DMSI-Maintellegence (computer system) for all Operator Routes. At times, she is assigned special projects such as Asset Strategy Development (ASD’s).

Taehlor shared that the moment she knew she made the right career choice was in Dr. Sulaman Pashah’s Statics and Dynamics course, and she found her love for software design in Dr. Kenny Irizarry’s Auto CAD class. She also attributes her discovered love for physics to Dr. Hye Jung Kang’s course.

Taehlor’s advice to all engineering students is to gain experience, whether through a co-op or internship, because engineering is not just about math and laws, it is about communication and people.

To upcoming female engineers, Taehlor shares this advice, “I was just like you, one of two girls in the class. We are a rare kind. Don’t be intimidated, instead use it as an advantage. Sometimes less is expected of us, therefore, BE MORE! Show what you’re made of, how your mind thinks, and the details you can’t overlook. You’ll be the change!”