Nursing Program

Nursing - addition of the PMHNP program and soon the addition of the FNP program - for Dr. Julie Durand, PMHNP Program Coordinator

History Program

Stay tuned for  a graduate certificate in Public History

Education Program

July 2021 – Our doctoral program was accepted as member for the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED)
For the doctoral program, here are some accomplishments over the last two years:
January 2020, Cohort 3 started and included students from both public school and higher education backgrounds.
February 2021, 10 doctoral students presented research progress at Southwestern Educational Research Association (SERA) annual conference.
Spring 2021, Dr. Cooper, EDLD faculty, developed a software program for districts for calculating teacher incentive allotments.
February 2022, 11 doctoral candidates will present research at the Southwestern Educational Research Association (SERA) annual conference.

Social Work Program

Andrea Smith (MSW 2022) was the recipient of the 2021 Ima Hogg Foundation for Mental Health Scholarship recipient for $5000.
Myesha Holmes-Thomas received the Innovative Project Award from the Adult Learning Alliance of Arkansas from work she did in her MSW field practicum.
The new Community Advisory Board for the social work program met in December to discuss its role and purpose, and how it can support the MSW program and its accreditation efforts.
The MSW program is having its second accreditation site visit January 27th.
The Social Work Student Association has been actively engaged in activities and service:
Delivered Thanksgiving baskets to families working with the Department of Family and Child Services
Participated in the Big Event April 2021
Participated in the Breast Cancer Walk in October 2021
Held a social and mixer for members in October 2021
Created and distributed self-care boxes for students during finals last month.

Thesis Projects

In December 2020, Christian S. A. Pippins successfully defended her thesis, “The Forgotten Voices of Diane Nash and Victoria Jackson Gray Adams: A Rhetorical Analysis of Two Women Who Were the Backbone of the Civil Rights Movement,” for her M.A. in English.

In March 2020, Megan Flannery successfully defended her thesis, “Undergraduate Literacy Practices on Social Network Sites and the Effect of Privacy Settings on Personal Disclosures,” for her M.A. in English.

Scholarly Accomplishment

English M.A. alumni Megan Flannery (2020), Christy Busby Worsham (2019), and Halie Buckner (2019) had their proposal, “Complicating Commonplaces of Digitalness in Gen Z Writers and Writing” for the 2020 Conference on College Composition and Communication (cancelled due to COVID-19). Halie Buckner was also a recipient of a CCCC Professional Equity Project grant.


Alumna Megan Flannery (MA, English, 2020) was accepted into the doctoral program in English at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Alumna Halie Buckner (MA, English, 2019) was accepted into the doctoral program in English at Texas A&M University – Commerce.

Alumna Esther Pippins (MA, English, 2018) was accepted into the doctoral program in Adult, Professional, and Community Education at University of Texas San Marcos.