Course and Instructor Evaluations

The Course and Instructor Evaluation process is vital to the growth of the university. Evaluations provide valuable information to faculty and administrators regarding the quality of courses offered. Evaluations give students an opportunity to reflect on the semester. Faculty and administrators use the evaluation results to make changes to course delivery methods, textbook adoptions, frequency of course offerings, etc.

Evaluations are accessible in three ways. The primary method used to send your evaluations is an email sent to your ACE email account from You will receive several emails throughout the evaluation period from the AEFIS email address. You may also access your evaluations through the AEFIS icon in the digital backpack. The final courtesy listing for your evaluations in via the Course and Instructor Evaluation link within each course in Canvas.

Evaluations are completed near the end of the semester and are completely ANONYMOUS.

The resources listed below the response periods will provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding why we do evaluations, what courses are evaluated, what courses are not evaluated, and when we host evaluations.

As always, please reach out to with any questions. 

Evaluation Response Period Schedule Summer 2024

First 5 Weeks 7/1/2024 - 7/3/2024
Second 5 Weeks 8/5/2024 - 8/7/2024
10 Weeks 7/29/2024 - 8/4/2024

Evaluation Response Period Schedule Fall 2024

Two Week Mini 8/19/2024 - 8/21/2024
First 8 Weeks 10/10/2024 - 10/13/2024
Second 8 Weeks 11/28/2024 - 12/1/2024
Full Term 11/28/2024 - 12/8/2024