Export Control

Export Control

Export Control regulations protect US national interests by controlling the export of sensitive equipment, technology, and information. These regulations cover a whole range of activities on campus, including international visitors, travel abroad, collaborative research activities with international partners, hiring foreign nationals, and financial transactions or shipping to international locations.

Exports are regulated by several federal agencies including the Department of Commerce, the Department of State and the Department of Treasury.  Each agency has jurisdiction over specific types of technology or restricted trade activities or controlled physical items.  Each has different and frequently changing rules and lists concerning what is considered export sensitive.

There are severe institutional and individual sanctions for violation of export control laws including loss of research funding, loss of export privileges, and civil and criminal penalties up to and including imprisonment.  

All employees are responsible for being aware of export control issues related to their role at the University.  Detailed guidelines can be found in the Export Control Compliance Plan Manual.

Some Indicators of When to Check for Export Controls

  • Before you invite international visitors to campus—use International Visitors Checklist
  • Before you travel abroad —use International Travel Checklist
  • Before you make purchases or send financial transactions to an international country, corporation, or individual—contact Business Office
  • Before you ship to international locations—follow the flowchart in the Export Control Compliance Plan Manual.  
  • Before you conduct research projects that involve collaborations with Foreign Persons or foreign countries—contact Research Compliance Office
  • Before you hire foreign nationals—contact Human Resources
  • Before you advise or teach international students who reside outside the US in a sanctioned country—contact Research Compliance Office 

To maintain compliance to Export Control regulations, please use the checklists to identify any potential export control risks. Contact the Research Compliance Office for more information on Export Controls.