IRB Training for Researchers

Welcome to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) page, a guide for researchers through the process of enrolling for CITI and taking the available courses. CITI is a leader in providing professional development courses for institutions all over the world. As a university we have chosen to utilize their services to provide our faculty, staff, and students, with the training necessary to administer Human Subjects Research.

If you have never used the CITI Program training before:

CLICK HERE to go to the CITI program site. Click on the Register button.
  1. Type Texarkana into the search box for Organization Affiliation and select Texas A&M University-Texarkana (Do NOT use the Independent Learner option)
  2. Read and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and affirm that you are affiliated with TAMUT. Click the button to continue.
  3. Complete the registration steps for Personal Information, Username and Password, Country of Residence, CE Units (for the purposes of IRB required training, you will not need CE units), and Survey/marketing information.
  4. When you complete CITI Step 6, TAMUT information section, please specify your employee ID or student ID (usually begins with 800). Also, select the role in research that most closely matches (usually Principal or Co-Investigator; Student Researcher if you are completing CITI training for a class; Research Assistant if you are working in a research lab as a student or employee)
When you have completed registration and TAMUT Information, you will select the curriculum that you need to complete.
  1. For most researchers and students, you will answer "Question 1 Human Subjects Research" curriculum, usually the second option: Social/Behavioral/Educational Researchers. If you do biomedical research, then select that curriculum instead.
  2. Only answer one of the other questions if they apply to you. These questions allow you to optionally add other curricula as desired, but most researchers will not need to in order to satisfy IRB training requirements.
  3. You can always add a curriculum later.

When you have completed your training, you will be able to obtain the certificates that you will submit with your IRB application.

If you have previously registered for CITI at TAMUT

CLICK HERE and then click the Log In button to log in to your CITI Program training account. You can continue your training, manage your account, and obtain your training certificates.

If you have used the CITI Program at another institution:

CLICK HERE to go to the CITI program site. Click on the Log In button. Log in using your original credentials, then specify TAMUT as a new institution. Select the curriculum as below.

Human Research Training

All human subjects research, and all other activities, which in part involve human subject research, regardless of sponsorship, must be reviewed and approved or deemed exempt from review by the TAMUT IRB prior to initiation. This includes all interventions and interactions with human subjects for research, including advertising, recruitment and/or screening of potential subjects. Please review the information on the Human Research Training Information page to understand what activities meet the definition of human subjects research. If you have any doubt about whether your project is research, please reach out to the IRB at for consultation.

Human Research Training Information

Contact the Institutional Review Board

Dr. Yusun Jung
IRB Chair
(903) 223-3009