How to report Academic Misconduct

The University began using Maxient Conduct Manager to track both academic and behavioral conduct incidents on campus. Reporting to this platform is voluntary for academic misconduct, but it will allow the University to track the number of academic misconduct reports made across the University in a secure location. In addition, we can run analytics on the reports of misconduct each year by college, department or other demographic categories.  When a student is reported in the software, we are automatically notified if there are other misconduct reports so we can track repeat offenders and apply any sanctions appropriately.

Academic Misconduct Report

Instructors will continue to follow the University process for academic misconduct found on page 11 in the student code of conduct.

Steps to reporting Academic Misconduct:

  1. All confirmed reports of academic misconduct should be made to this website. Instructors should complete the Academic Misconduct process and only submit a report if the student admits responsibility or you find them responsible for the conduct. Please don’t submit a report if you decide the student did not commit plagiarism, cheating or unauthorized collaboration.
  2. Complete the report for Academic Misconduct.
  3. Faculty, staff and students can report Academic Misconduct through this portal. Anonymous reports can also be submitted but if the form is submitted anonymously, it will limit the response and investigation into the complaint. There is also a box you can check prior to submission of the report to have a copy of the report emailed to you for your records.
  4. Complete the form “Academic Misconduct Report” and submit it.

At the bottom of the reporting form it asks for you to upload supporting data for the incident report submitted.  You are not required to submit evidence since this is just a report of the results of your decisions.  It would be helpful, but not required, for you to submit the evidence so it would be housed in a centralized storage for misconduct cases.  It is required that you save evidence of each report in case the situation expands into other incidents of misconduct and the University needs to sanction a student more severely. 

If you have questions about the process you can contact your Dean or the Office of Student Life.