Student Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

Students have rights that are to be respected. These rights include respect for personal feelings; freedom from indignity of any type, freedom from control by any person except as may be in accord with published rules and procedures of Texas A&M University-Texarkana or The Texas A&M University System, and conditions that allow the best use of time and talents toward educational objectives. No officer or student, regardless of position or rank, shall violate those rights; no custom, tradition or regulation in conflict will be allowed to prevail. At all times students are expected to recognize constituted authority, to conform to the ordinary rules of good conduct, to be truthful, to respect the rights of others, to protect private and public property, and to make the best use of time toward the completion of an education. The Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities (The Code) is designed neither to be exhaustive nor to encompass all possible relationships between students and the institution.  The Code is not rigid or unchangeable. As the relationship between students and the University grows, it may be necessary to modify the Code.

It is incumbent upon students to be aware of University rules and procedures. Ignorance of these rules and procedures does not excuse students from adherence to them. Staff and University officials should endeavor to inform students of University rules, regulations, and policies, whenever the circumstance is applicable.

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