Procurement and Contracting

Procurement and Contracting

The Department of Procurement and Contracting is a department within the Vice President for Finance and Administration division. The department offers a wide-range of services to the University community in addition to the traditional role of procuring goods and services. The department is responsible for complying with State of Texas and TAMU System procurement codes, administration of contracts, and implementing the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) program.

Please see additional links on our website for department contacts, professional associations, TAMU System members, and the department's code of ethics.

Procurement Services consists of the Director, Purchasing & Support Services / Procurement Card Administrator and a Buyer II / Procurement Card Coordinator.  Both are responsible for purchasing all commodity categories needed for the University.

Procuring goods and/or services at A&M-Texarkana is governed by three entities.  Each entity has specific procedures, rules, policies, and codes that must be followed.  The entities are:

  1. Texas A&M University-Texarkana
  2. The Texas A&M University System
  3. State of Texas

To identify and view a specific procedure, rule, policy, or code, go to the respective link found within this section.

Vendor Information

Welcome to the Department of Purchasing.  This website provides vendors and prospective vendors with helpful information concerning the department and procurement opportunities.  Texas A&M University-Texarkana is always seeking reliable vendors to provide the university's procurement needs.

Vendors are encouraged to register with the State of Texas Centralized Master Bid List (CMBL). Minority and woman-owned vendors are encouraged to be HUB certified with the State of Texas.  More information about the CMBL and the HUB program can be obtained by visiting the proper links below.

Vendor FAQs

How do I receive information concerning bid opportunities at Texas A&M University-Texarkana?

You may go to the Electronic State Business Daily website and enter the agency's information, contact one of the purchasing staff, or view current bid opportunities administered by the Purchasing Department.

How do I get on the bidder lists?

A&M-Texarkana does not maintain a bidders list; however a vendor can send business information to the Purchasing Department or apply to be listed on the Centralized Master Bid List (CMBL).

What happens if I forget to sign the bid form, or if I fail to submit my bid on-time?

If a vendor forgets to sign the bid form or fails to meet the bid deadline, the bid is consider invalid or non-responsive.

How can I find the results of a bid?

To receive results of a bid, vendors must contact the buyer responsible for posting the bid and submit a request either by mail or email. A copy of the tabulation sheet with a pricing summary for the requested bid will sent.

How can I obtain the complete bid or purchase order file?

All file requests must be made in accordance with the Open Records Act and submitted in writing.  You may access information online at the Texas A&M University-Texarkana Homepage. 

I have won the bid, supplied the goods and service, and submitted my invoice to Accounts Payable, but I have not received payment. Why?

For payment information, please contact Accounts Payable. One of several things might have happened:

  1. Accounts Payable did not receive your invoice;
  2. Your tax status with the State of Texas is not in good standing;
  3. there is a dispute with the invoice.